Setting up Key Commands for Quantize, Vertical Zoom and Snap

Hello Folks,

I’m new to Cubase 6 and have a few Questions about setting up key commands.

I need a vertical zoom key command in the arrangement view and a quantize preset change key command.
both should work in combination with the mouse wheel.

additionally, a snap on/off while holding a key command would be nice.

as for instance:

alt + mousewheel up/down for vertical zoom in/out
ctrl + alt + mousewheel up/down to select through the quantize presets
holding shift + alt key turns snap to off, releasing both keys turns snap to on, again…

is this possible? i wasnt able to set up those combinations in the key command settings.



yes it is possible and relatively straight forward. not sure whether selecting from a list or quantize presets is possible off the top of my head (if i understand your intent) and you will have to check wether your specific key commands do not conflict with existing ones. all of which is in the manual.



I’m afraid, you can’t add “Scroll” function to the Key Commands Assignment.

Thanks for the response

mh what a pity that it doesnt has a mousewheel feature.

i set it up as follows

z = snap on/off
x = prev quantize
c = next quantize

that’s okay and fast enough for editing.

however if anyone can share tips and tricks about key commands in combination with the mouse(especially for the key editor) i’d be lucky to read them.

Thanks again for the support,


Sna On/Of is “J” in default. :wink: But I understand, Z-X-C is very close.

I’m Using Ctrl+Page Up/Down to the Prev/Next grid value.

And, I’m using 2nd keyboard with QuicKeys (for Mac only, but I’m sure, there are Windows equivalents). This works awesome to me. X-Keys keyboards with the software looks interesting too.