setting up left & right locators on the fly

most people missed this, and since the discourse on how to make cubase actually usable seems to have taken off, i am reposting one of my macros in action: this one is able to set the left and right locators, respectivelly, on the fly, using a mouse and a modifier key, irrespective of where the actual project cursor currently is:>&s=8#.VOoPV_mjO3E


Could you explain the function, please?

i am using some arbitrary modifier keys (control + shift + LMB for the left locator, and control + shift + RMB for the right locator in my case) to superimpose the vertical orange line you see in the video. while these modifier keys are held, the vertical line keeps on displaying. during that time, you can move your mouse freely on the horizontal axis to determine where you want the locator to be set. the locator is then set upon the release of those modifier keys. easy and simple.

(NB: the way the locators are actually set is merely finding out the position of the arrange window on the x and y axis, determining from that where the ruler area should be, moving the mouse cursor there, performing a left click, and finally moving the mouse cursor back to its original position; it’s happening behind the scenes / too fast to really be noticed on the video.)

by the way, i made it work so that while you are holding these modifier keys, i can still press my other keycommand to toggle snap on and off. so for instance if you decide to set your locators, and your snap is off, and you are in the middle of holding your modifier keys, you can still press the hotkey to turn snapping on (on the fly whilst holding the control+shift+mouse button)-- so that the resulting locator position will be snapped to the [grid] position.