Setting up M-Audio Axiom25 as keyboard and midi controller

Hi guys

I’m having a devil of a time trying to get my Axiom25 keyboard set up to control Cubase LE 4. I followed the instructions outlined in this video but this does not work for me.

In the Cubase transport bar I get the red midi activity reacting to note-on inputs, but no audio gets to the VST or track I am trying to control. Using Cubase LE 4 on a MacPro with MacOSX 10.6.8 and a Tascam US428 interface.

Any gotcha’s to look out for and to double check? Is there a midi-thru setting anymore, I recall in early versions of Cubase this had to be set on.


No, cause a MIDI Signal is not an audio signal.

This is still the case.

Care to be any more helpful and share where this setting is?

Figured out my problem. I turns out the MONITOR switch has to be enabled to hear any audio from a VST track. This is not documented anywhere to my knowledge. I searched the PDF Manual for help, but just happened to stumble upon this cure by fiddling around in Cubase.

And for what its worth, there is no MIDI Thru setting anywhere that I found either.