Setting up MIDI inputs

Hi all,

Background - Yamaha MO8 setup to communicate remote control to Cubase 4 on MIDI port 4. All other settings in the MO8 (voices, songs, patterns, arpeggios) set to Use port 1 channel 1.

The goal : separate multi-timbral voices onto separate MIDI channels and record to Cubase, with the end result being each voice on its own Cubase MIDI track.

Setting the Yamaha MO8 up to do that is pretty straight forward. (lots of touch points but the documentation is clear)
Setting up Cubase to do that is where I am stumbling.

Referring to Device Setup; the user docs have good info on how to specify MIDI channels for output from a Cubase MIDI track, but IMO glosses over the MIDI input specs – sort of encourages the ALL MIDI INPUTS. I did not select ALl MIDI INPUTS. When you don’t select that, the choices are only ports (not channels). Under my current plan, I need to specify a channel that matches what is setup on the Yamaha MO8. ( a single voice component of a multi-timbral voice)

I’m hoping you can understand what I am trying to do, and possibly either head me in the right direction, or tell me where (how) one sets specific MIDI channel numbers for Input.
Again, it seems easy enough on the output side.

Since the product UI does not have an Input MIDI channel setting, I also question whether I am approaching this in a sensible way. Comments are welcome on that as well.

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