Setting up midi Keyboards

I am using cubase 11 ~Le and would like some advice on connect 2 midi keyboards, I have a Yamaha MOX6 which has midi connected by a Midisport Uno interface and its all working fine, i also have an older yamaha CS6X which is conncted by the midi din plugs into a midi box. the problem is that cubase cant find the CS6X, any help or advice please on how to set up the CS6X with cubase

Hi and welcome to the forum,

How is the midi box connected to the computer? Cubase is going to see this midi box.

The midi box has 4x midi din inputs out to usb and cubase does recognise it, the problem is that i am not sure what type of track to use, my cs6x has its output set to midi and i have tried to use different types of tracks, but there is no activity showing up, i would of thought using a midi track would work


Add MIDI Track, please. Add an input choose All MIDI Inputs option. Add an input set the MIDI box Port X (X is the number of the MIDI Port, where is your CS6X connected to.

Of course, be aware of the In to Out connection in the MIDI world.

thanks for your help and advice, its working now, but there are notes hanging when i record, but i thin that might be related to the VST, not sure, so more experimenting to do