setting up Minitaur in Elements

Haven’t used hardware in over 10 years. Is there a step-to-step guide how to set up an external instrument?

It depends on HW. If you have MIDI connection, it’s little bit different from USB connection. Connection with computer should be explain in the Start Guide, or different manual of the HW instrument.

In the Cubase, there is nothing to set, in fact. Everything is automaticly set for you. Just select the input, and output of the MIDI track.

If you want to hear the sound from the instrument in Cubase (not from the instrument directly), make an audio track. We discused this few weeks ago, try to find it.

Start Guide is very helpful, same as lots of videos.

Hi there,

an external instrument can be added in the full version of Cubase 6, where you can assotiate a Midi Device to the Audio- Inputs/Outputs.
Are you looking for this feature or do you just want to record the external instrument?



Thank you!

My setup:
Cubase Elements 6
Echo Audiofire 2
Minitaur connected via USB

I have managed to set up a MIDI track + Audio track to control and record the Minitaur.
I have however not been able to use the Editor while running my DAW, as I’ve watched in this movie:

Having full control of the Minitaur via my DAW was one of the reasons I chose this particular synth.

PS: can’t find a “start guide”, I only have MINITAUR_MANUAL_0.pdf

From hours of forum reading I’ve gathered that I need to send 2 MIDI signals to the Minitaur to control it with the editor via my DAW.
USB to control editor, MIDI to control synth.

Then I will get a midi cable tomorrow

I doubt that really. Now this could be different for the minitaur, but my blofeld editor acts as a midi host. I insert it on an instrument track. The input of this track can be anything you’d like to play the minitaur with, or even leave it blank if you play it from the midi data on the track itself. In the editor you have to assign the midi in and outputs to the minitaur. These should show up if you have it midi connected.
Again, it could be different for the minitaur, but that’s how it works for my blofeld.

Good luck!

Strophoid: afraid not :angry:

There’s got to be a way to tell the editor which midi output to use to reach your minitaur, I wouldn’t know how else it would work. Perhaps as midi insert on a miditrack? Set in and output of the miditrack to the minitaur usb midi in and out and insert the editor there? I very much doubt that’s how you’re supposed to use it, but I’m out of ideas :frowning:


Controlling synth via USB in DAW
Controlling synth via MIDI in editor

Ok, I can only conclude that is a very silly design choice on the editor. Glad It’s sorted though. have fun blowing stuff up with that bass :slight_smile: