Setting up Mix 1,2,3 with UR44

I was wondering if someone can in simple terms explain to me how to setup mixes on UR44.
I have a project setup and few intrument groups which all route to my Main Mix.
In Vst connections I have all inputs turned on and I have setup 3 outs Main Mix, Mix1, Mix2.

Now I would like to route Main mix to main output, Main mix to headphones 1 and only my guitar+vocal to headphones 2.
So far I can only get main mix to main out and to one of the headphones. Other headphone out doesn’t get sound. So how can I route some groups or channels to 2 mixes at the same time and some only to one?

Even if I route Main mix to headphones 2 I don’t get sound. Headphones out 2 are mystery to me at the moment.


UR44 has two mixes.
Main mix and Mix 1 is the same thing.
(Main out, line outputs 1/2 on the back, headphones 1)
And then you have Mix 2.
(line outputs 3/4, headphones 2)

Could you post a screenshot of vst connections?