Setting up MODX and Cubase 8 on USB (midi is weird)

I understand from reading other forums (like Yamaha) that setting up the MODX as an interface is mostly Plug and Play, if set up right. From feedback I’ve gotten, the MODX and Cubase are set up (and drivers too) correctly-though I could be wrong. My issue is that Midi played only goes for a few seconds: A bunch of 1/8 notes will stop in a few seconds or on a held key, sound will stop in a few seconds. It seems to me like MIDI overload. (?)

MODX: Local off, Multi/GM Performance with 1 Part per Slot (so Part # matches Channel #)
Computer and Cubase: Yamaha USB Steinberg Driver, Midi Ports for MODX In and Out appear recognized (Active in Port settings), MODX Connect (from inside Cubase, not Standalone) says Online and is connecting.

On soundcloud I have an audio file of what sound I’m getting, if that helps.

I recorded the sound from my headphones sitting by the keys, so you can hear when I’m hitting the keys.
I first hit about 30 1/8th notes, you’ll notice some sound comes out some doesn’t. There’s what sounds like a half note or so near the beginning, but I am hitting 1/8th notes the entire time. Then at the end, I play 3 whole notes (about 4 beats), holding the key the whole time. The first hit/press no sound comes out, the next two it comes out, then stops after a couple/few beats (not exact beats or timing), not the whole time I’m holding the key down.

Any ideas? I’ve been working on this for 2 1/2 days.



Do you use MODX sounds or Instrument Tracks (VSTis)?

In the 2nd case, could you try to increase Your Audio Device Buffer Size, please?