Setting up multiple MIDI input/outputs

Hi all.
I have not had any luck setting up multiple i/o for VSTi´s in this regard it´s Omnispheres Trilian.
This is what I have tried:
New empty project. Devices/VSTi/Trilian/Add Midi track/Activate 3 Trilian stereo outputs A.B.C. from the Cubase VSTi panel. I then right click on the Midi track in Cubase and select another 2 midi tracks, making it 3 altogether.
“All midi inputs” is selected for all midi tracks and the outputs are all routed to 1 Trilian midi in, on channels 1.2 and 3 respectively.
I then select the 3 Trilian patches I want to play in live mode channels 1.2.3 I then Rout the Trilian mixer channels1.2.3. to
outputs A.B.C. I arm all 3 Cubase midi channels to record but when I play one Trilian patch it records all events on all Cubase midi channels rather than on one. These midi events then trigger what ever patch I have selected in Trilian. I wan´t each Trilian patch to record on it´s own channel in Cubase but I just can´t manage to do it. Can someone please tell me where I am going wrong. I can´t see any Spectrasonic or Cubase tutorials that help in this regard. I have tried this without success also in C6.
Pleeeease help. Thanks in advance.

I would suggest using the Input Transformer function of Cubase. You can use the Input Transformer on each channel to filter out the MIDI channels you do not want to record on that MIDI. You will also need to set your MIDI keyboard to transmit only on the desired MIDI channel. This feature is discussed starting on page 450 of the C6 manual in case you need more background information on it.

If your goal is to record each patch in Trilian as a separate output, I would suggest either activating multiple outputs from the VST Instruments panel for Trilian, then routing each patch within Trilian to the desired out. Or, you could load as VST Instrument tracks and load each separate patch. I hope this information is helpful

Thanks for your reply Chris. I have abandoned recording from Trilions live mode.
Instead, I am doing what you suggest in your last paragraph. It is working well that way so thanks again for your help.

Glad to hear you are up and running!