setting up nanoKontrol Studio for VST midi controls??


I’m trying to set up my midi controller (Korg nanokontrol Studio) to use in Cubase 10. I’ve installed drivers, set it to “cubase mode” then set up a Mackie Control under “remote devices” inside Studio Setup. The controller now controls all the faders on my virtual mixer in Cubase, but instead i’d like to assign the faders to various midi instrument fucntions such as modulation and expression (across all VSTs if possible). How do i go about this? I’m a complete beginner when it comes to midi stuff and i’m sure i’m missing something obvious. Any help would be very much appreciated.

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Then change the nanoKontrol settings from the Cubase mode to the CC (or MIDI Controller, or Generic Controller, or how is it named) mode, please. And remove the Mackie Control in Cubase, or set the MIDI In to Not Connected.

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Thanks for your reply! Ok i’ve done this. What do i do set up my first fader as Expression for all my VST instrument?




If you want to use it for all your instruments, I would recommend to assign MIDI CC 11 (Expression) to the Slider 1 on your nanoKontrol.

Hi Martin,

thanks again for your reply. i’ve tried this but nothing happens inside my VST. I’ve attached a screenshot for you. What am i doing wrong?


At the 1st line, you didn’t assign MIDI CC11, you have assigned MIDI CC62 at channel 11. So if you send the MIDI CC11 at Channel 1, the line should look like:
Fader 1 | Controller | 1 | 11 | 127 | R
This is correct, if you want to assign MIDI CC11 (Expression). In your original report, you were talking about MIDI CC 1 Modulation. Then it would look like this:
Fader 1 | Controller | 1 | 1 | 127 | R

The easiest way is to use the Learn function, of course.

And the bottom sheet should be:
Fader 1 | VST Mixer | Selected | Volume

Hi Martin. Thanks for your help. I’ve done all of this but there is still absolutely no response from my Kontakt instruments. I’ve tried to right click and selece “learn midi” but even that does not respond. Any ideas of what I’m doing wrong? I;ve attached a screenshot of my generic remote.


Is “nanoKONTROL Studio 1 Ctrl” the only one MIDI Port the nanoKontrol offers to you? Is MIDI CC11 the one which is sent by the nanoKONTROL?

I’m not sure because the software they give you says it is not compatible with Cubase 10. Do you know how i could check this? Or should i just buy a different midi controller?


What kind of software do you refer to now, please? Where is it written it’s not Cubase 10 compatible? Any reason?

this software:

I have created MIDI maps with it, but when i import them into Cubase 10, they are not recognised.

I read on a forum that it doesn’t support new Cubase??


I don’t know what is the purpose of the nanoKontrol Studio software exactly. I expect you can create an assignment of the physical controllers of the nanoKontrol hardware. Then you can import it to the device. But I don’t think the software makes the Generic Remote (or QuickControls) XML file for Cubase (and other Remote Devices for other DAWs). Or am I wrong?

The “Compatible with” I understand more like minimum system requirements and where was it tested.So it was tested with Cubase 8 and later on it wasn’t tested, so it’s not written there. There is no change on Cubase side at all in this area. There is no reason why the Generic Remote map shouldn’t work anymore.

Yes you’re correct about the nanokontrol software and thank you for clarifying the compatibility part.

I don’t understand why it doesn’t respond. Maybe it has something to do with Kontakt? and the VSTs that im trying to use? I’ve attached a screenshot of what it looks like.

Thanks again for all your help!

and yes, “nanoKONTROL Studio 1 CTRL” seems to be the only port offered to me.


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