Setting up parallel reverb within cubase 7

I’m trying to set up parallel reverb and compression within cubase 7 so i can apply them to my snare and kick drum tracks but don’t know how to go about it. could someone walk me through it? it would be greatly appreciated thank you

I’m pretty new to this. i literally just figured out how to set up the multi track out on my drum sampler so i can apply effects to each drum individually in cubase


That’s not very helpful thanks

Create an FX Channel for your Reverb and another for your compressor. From your track or bus (Group Channel) create a Send to the FX Channel(s) you want to use. You can now selectively send a certain amount of signal to the effect and as the effect has its own fader, you can balance the dry and wet signal in your mix.

Thank you Jan, much appreciated

karma points lol