Setting up reverb for surround

Hi Guys

I’ve completed 4 successful surround mixes for blu-ray release (after lengthy study!). I know there is a lot of debate about surround reverb. Up to now I have set-up rear and front instances of Valhalla room following their guidance for rear reflections etc. However, what I really want is to set-up a surround ready convolution plugin. As I’m mixing music for audio (not film), I’m more interested in an immersive surround experience rather than ensuring everything is scientifically correct.

I bough Voxengo’s Pristine Space plugin as it was sold as 8 channel surround ready (and their surround ready Elephant limiter is excellent). Stupidly, I thought I could drop this into a 5.1 FX channel and presto (like the Waves 360 reverb I have seen in use). However, I can’t for the life of me figure out how to setup the routing in C8 and make this work for surround.

Has anyone here had any positive experience with surround impulse responses and routing in C8?



No experience with surround however I’d check out this-

I gave up on Pristine Space a long time ago since it’s never going to be updated to 64b.

I don’t work in surround either (other than for a bit of experimenting :wink: ), but Cubase’s own Reverence plugin is a surround-capable convolution reverb, and its presets with a (SR) suffix are 4-channel.
Soul patch’s recommendation for Exponential Audio R2-surround (and Phoenix-surround) are surely excellent (I love the stereo versions of those two plugins), but they are algorithmic rather than convolution.
What was the problem you had routing Pristine Space (I don’t know that plugin, btw)?

I’m also working with 5.1 and quad mixes in Cubase Pro and is overall happy with Cubase. The Neutron plugins works fine in 6 channel 5.1.
But annoying surround reverb still doesn’t work properly!
The Surr. RoomWorks only output quad sound (only in front and rears) - why not in the center (5.0)
And it would be SO nice if for example a stereo track placed in a 5.1 group close to the rears, with a send to a 5.1 FX reverb channel got the reverb placed where there stereo track is placed (here near the rears) - But here reverb in the FX channel only appear in the center channel! WHY THAT?!?!?