Setting up SL Mixface with Cubase 13

Hi - apologies in advance for this newbie question!

I have Cubase 13 on a MacBook Air (Monterey 12.7.4) and have just got a SL Mixface Controller. I have set up Cubase on the controller on Port 3, downloaded the SKI remote, gone to Mackie control in studio set up and can’t see SLMIXUSB (Port 3) in the input/output drop downs. I’m only also unable to see the controller in Midi Pro set up, so I think I’m missing something major! Any advice would be really welcome.

Thanks in anticipation. All the best… Steve

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Devices that appear in the Cubase Studio Setup>MIDI Port Setup mirrors devices that are active or online in the macOS Audio MIDI Setup (AMS) utility. You can find it in the Applications>Utilities folder. It’s a good idea to keep it in your Dock.

In the AMS MIDI Studio window, do you see the SLMIXUSB device? Is it active?

Hi Wally - thanks so much for responding so quickly. I’ve taken a look at the AMS utility (and thanks for the tip), I can’t see the SLMIXUSB device, so guess it isn’t active (and hence why it’s not flowing through. I’m not at all sure what to do next - but it doesn’t look like it’s a Cubase issue. Thanks so much for your help. All the very best… Steve

You can try connecting the USB cable to a different port on your MB Air.

The unit is bus powered but maybe try powering it with a battery.

Thanks, Wally. Have tried my other USB port (which is also powered) and still the same result. I have managed to add the mixface to the AMS utility via bluetooth. So I can see SLMIXBT there now. But still not able to see anything in Studio setup. I think the only loss using bluetooth would be not being able to use the transport keys in CTRL mode (not sure that would be a big loss for me!) I’ve ordered another USB cable so I can rule that out. Thanks again for your help. Very much appreciated. Best wishes… Steve

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