Setting up Steinberg UR22 with Cubase Elements 9.5

Need help setting up my Audio interface with Cubase Elements 9.5.

So I bought a Steinberg UR22, and I am having trouble setting up my microphone with it.

here are my specs

Tonor condenser Microphone

Element: theta 16 pressure gradient transducer
Polar Pattern: unidirrectional
Freq Response: 20Hz-20Khz
Sensitivity: -38dB +/- 2dB
Output Impedance: 150(omega)+/-30%
Load Impedence: >/= 1000 (omega)
Equivalent noise level: 16dBA
Max SPL: 130 dB
S/N ratio: 78 dB

Neewer 48V Phantom Power supply

Steinberg UR22 USB Audio interface, D-pre Preamp system built in.

So heres what I’ve Done

I’ve installed the driver software for the UR22, and my computer recognizes it.

When I hook up my MIDI keyboard to the audio side of the interface with a 1/4" jack, the audio works fine. However it does not do so with the microphone.

When I play my Mic through the Audio interface, it doesn’t play, so I turn on the 48V switch in the back. Again, NOTHING…

When I try the audio interface in a different program like Audacity, it recognizes the audio interface, and the keyboard playing through the audio channel, but still not the mic.

At first I’m thinking it’s the mic… but then I try the wierd thing of plugging the mic into the Auxiliary IN on my Yamaha MX49, and I’m picking up sound through THAT!!! so the mic somehow DOES WORK

allong the same lines, I can’t get the audio interface to send ANY audio signal to a single audio track

I tries going intoStudio Setup and VST Audio System and I’ve tried switching from the MX49 which it was set for, to both the ASIO4ALL v2, AND the Generic Low Latency ASIO driver. I checked Audio Connections, and each time I switch away from the MX 49, it shows the UR22 in both the input/output busses, but I can’t get the audio track itself to recognize the device as sending signal…

Any thoughts how to proceed from this point?

Have you watched this? Some slight changes in the software since but the principles are the same.

The ASIO system should be set for the UR22 which will probably show as Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver. If that’s not listed then you haven’t installed its drivers.