Setting up Tascam US-224 for Cubase 5

I just bought a tower running Windows 7 Ultimate with Cubase 5. It came with a Tascam US-224 interface. The person I bought it from built it so everything should all be ready to go. I can’t seem to figure out how to make the play/rec buttons and faders work into the Cubase. I am getting signal into the studio but the surface buttons don’t seem to work. I know I need to have the 428 Emulator on to do this. I seem to have found it but even turning that on doesnt seem to make it work. Do I still not have something turned on correctly?? Please help…

The person I bought it from says it was working when it was shipped, so I must have clicked something off.

Firstly, do you have the right remote device selected on the device setup page? If you do, make sure the midi inputs and outputs have the right function selected. The midi input should contain the “428 control” selected.

I have the proper driver selected. It is under tascam 224 16bit. Now going into that control panel I found the 428 emu. I have that selected. So I need to go elsewhere in midi somewhere to select ins and outs aside from the vst connections??

In the control panel, make sure you have the 428 selected that says “control” after it.

OK. I’m getting into the studio right now while I have someone online that may help

I have the surface control set to the 428 emulator, but under MIDI Port setup, it is listed as us-224. Do you know how to change that over to the 428?

I just figured it out. Thanks so much for your help.

Glad you found it!