Setting up the MR816x

New to the forum. I’m sure this is going to be an old question. Please humor me. I just picked up a new Steinberg MR816X interface. I installed Cubase AI6 (that came bundled with the interface), no problem. I followed the directions for installing the MR816. Installed the CD ROM as directed, and as far as I know, all the software that was on the CD got installed. When I try to record through a mic (acoustic drums), I get signal to the interface (the signal lamp on the interface lights up) but nothing to the computer. The faders in Cubase show no input. Not sure I have the busses routed properly. I think the drivers are installed. I’m a rube when it comes to computers. Can’t figure it out. Using a Dell PC. Windows XP, 2.66 gig with 3 gig ram. Suggestions anyone?

Make sure you have selected the MR816 ASIO driver in Cubase, then setup your busses acording to the getting started guide.