setting vst plugins

I need to know what paths to set up to use new vst plugins . any help would be appreciated, need to set path for dll

Generally you can use any path you like. It´s all in the manual of your software…

I’m not quite sure what your question is but hope this helps:

Guess this is a PC since you have a .dll file. The .dll normally self installs in the right folder upon installation and Cubase will set the path to it automatically upon start. You can see Cubase goes through some of your plugins when loading, some previously installed and all the new ones. Watch for the name of the one you just installed. If you do not see the name of the plugin the first time Cubase loads after the plugin installation, then it is not recognized by Cubase. It might then help to move the .dll file (or copy/paste it) to another folder. There are three “main” folders for .dll files. They are:
Programfiles/Steinberg/Cubase/Cubase x/Vstplugins (where x is your Cubase version)
Programfiles/Steinberg/Cubase/Vstplugins/(plus make a new folder for actual plugin in which you put your .dll)
Programfiles/Vstplugins/(plus make a new folder for actual plugin in which you put your .dll)

The “safest” is the first. If you run other DAW’s on your computer that can use VST you need to put it the last one. Some plugins require an additional file to work. Sometimes it must be located in the same folder as the .dll. Somtimes Cubase recognizes .dll files in subfolders, sometimes not. You just need to try!

Some FX or Insturment .dll do not have an installation procedure. You just drag the .dll file to the apropriate folder.

Be aware that some .dll files only works on certain versions of Cubase. Older plugins might not work on modern versions of Cubase and vice versa.

Freeware .dll might be a hazzle.

I have spent several hours moving misplaced .dll files around over the years. I still haven’t found the system, but I have made them all work eventually and with some help from this forum.

Thanks for the help. I hope it works