Setting zoom presets, keyboard shortcut for loop alias

Hey guys,
just got 3 questions.

  1. I forgot how i set the 5 different zoom presets in key commands in cubase 5. The 5 of them work, but i want number 5 to be set with higher zoom in factor but can’t remember how i set them. EG. in key commands, i configured zoom preset 1 =control+1, preset 2= control+2 and so on and each has a further zoomed in level upto 5. But i want 5 to now equal zoomed in all the way, but can’t remember how to overwrite the current zoom level set for it with the zoomed all the way in?

  2. I want to know how to make loop or event aliases? This is because somewhere along the line in one of my projects, a set of events that i duplicated (cmmand+d) factored in the short or long tail of sample/event and as it plays along they slowly get out of time. Now i have to go in and edit all of the events again to bring them in line instead of just being able to alias the loop, therefore being able to fix the first loop and all alias loops will mirror the change…?

  3. For some reason even when i have snap turned on and click the cursor near a snap line (to whatever quantise figure i choose e.g… 1/1 ), it doesn’t pull the cursor all the way tight to the snap line, it can be really close sometimes but not right on. This can cause problems when copying blocks of audio or midi events, and dragging or copying them to a new spot. Zoomed out everything looks great, but when i zoom right in the start of the block/event isn’t right on the quantise bar line. Then i realise that almost all blocks in the project are out and have to spend a lot of time zooming right in to sort it out (hence needing and answer to question 1, as i need to reset the zoom level of the key command for zoom level 5 preset…
    Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is a pretty important feature on any DAW and mine soesnt seem to be doing what it says… :frowning:

Much obliged,
Joey :slight_smile: