Settings for sustain pedal do not work correctly

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I currently have problems with some settings concerning the sustain pedal in HALion 4.0.1. I do not have installed the HALion 4.5 beta version yet so I am not sure whether these problems have been fixed. Maybe, someone can have a look at the issues mentioned below.

  • In the sound editor, the filter for the sustain pedal (in the “main” area) does not seems to change anything at all. Even if the filter is activated on every single layer in a program the sustain pedal is still working.
  • There is a second way to filter the sustain pedal: The “sustain” setting in the “trigger” area. If “sustain” is not marked then the sustain pedal is not relevant in the layer. Anyhow, this only works if this checkbox is deactivated in the program itself, too. As soon as the “sustain” checkbox is checked in the program all other “sustain” checkboxes in the layers do not seem to work - sustain is always active.
  • And there is another problem with the “sustain” setting in the “trigger” area: The setting cannot be saved for the program. Example: Select the program. Go to the sound editor and select the “trigger” area. Uncheck the “sustain” checkbox and save the program. Reload the program => The checkbox is checked again. This does not happen with the other checkboxes but only with “sustain”.

Unfortunately, all these little problems result in the fact that it is currently not possible to create a program where one layer should not react to the sustain pedal :frowning: I really hope that this will be fixed in the 4.5 update.

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I have just figured out that the mentioned problems are still present in the 4.5 beta version. And I have made another test:

I have created a little program in Halion Sonic 1.5.2 and activated the filter for sustain. Works as designed in Halion Sonic. I saved the program and loaded the same program in Halion 4.5. The sustain filter was still active but it does not work correctly - the sustain pedal is still working :frowning:

Any chance that this will be fixed in 4.5?


For the already announced HALion 4.5.1 (
it is unfortunately too late, but it will be fixed of course with the following update.

Bugbase: 4106

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Thanks, Gerrit!