Settings question

Can anyone tell me, which settings are specific to a particular project, and which apply to all projects?
For example, audio connections.
The last project I was working on had two sets of stereo input buses. However when I started a new project just now, there is only one stereo bus. This leads me to believe that certain settings don’t carry over to new projects.
On the other hand,“Studio set up” appears to remain the same.
Preferences also seem fixed.


You’re right. Audio connections are per project and preferences are global, as are key commands.
I would recommend that you save your audio connections as presets so you can quickly recall them in subsequent projects. Another approach is to use template projects.

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Sorry, but how do I save audio connections as a preset?


Audio Connections Inputs, Outputs, Groups and External Effects & Instruments are stored in the project. But the Control Room is global. So I would recommend to use Control Room.

OK, thanks. I’m using artist 10.5, so I don’t have access to control room, right?


Right. There is no Control Room in Cubase Artist.