settings transfer from C8.5 to C9

installed C9 next to C8.5
there seems to be nothing in place that transfers all the preferences and settings, workspaces, various but numerous presets (.xml) etc. over to C9.
hell of a lot of work to set that up again on C9.
Any easy and streamlined process to achieve a settings transfer to have C9 working like the installed C8.5?
which would be the relevant files to copy?



In Cubase 8.5 use Profile Manager from the File menu, to save your profile. Then in Cubase 9 use the Profile Manager again, to load it.


I went from 8.0 to 9.01 and seem to have lost all my Workspaces. I also lost all the MIDI Presets for the MIDI Insert Effects, but was able to move those. Can I move the old 8.0 default Workspaces to 9.0? I thought they’d move automatically, but in 9.0 I have nothing under Workspaces after installing it. :frowning: I wonder if anything else is missing that I just haven’t noticed yet. :frowning:


Yes, you can move the Workspaces. Actually in his case, I would recommend to move the whole Preferences folder.

I thought I did what would move the stock work spaces from Ver 8 to Ver 9, but it didn’t work. I rebuilt by Preferences and Key Commands, but I can’t get those old, very useful, workspaces to move from Ver 8 to Ver 9. :frowning: