Settingup multitrack outs in Battery 3 through Cubase 7

So i have one instrument track with battery 3 loaded into it. i want it to output 4 kicks, 4 snares, and 4 cymbals each to their own tracks so i can mix them separately. I pick out 16 samples, assign them each to a cell. I then ctrl- click (highlight) all of the kick samples and click on the cell menu, assigning all of them to st 3/4 - which i assume is stereo out 3/4

I add new instrument track, and over to the the left the only thing i can select under instrument is “Battery 3”…i don’t see where i can assign a track so that it only plays outs 3/4 within battery

still getting the hang of routing and basic stuff like this. can someone help me out?

Instrument tracks are stereo out ONLY.

im confused about how to set this up properly. i’m sure it’s pretty simple but if someone could walk me through it i would really appreciate it

Use the instrument rack. You can activate the different outputs there

Don’t set it as an instrument track, but as has already been said, open it in the instrument rack: Devices/VST Instruments/Battery 3. Then click the little icon to the left of where the instrument is loaded into the rack and select how many outputs you want. Cubase will automatically set up individual tracks.

im sorry do you mean instrument track? if so where on the instrument track is the option to select st 3/4?

NO! Instrument RACK. That’s not a typo, rack means rack: go to Devices/VST Instruments/Battery 3.

Go to Devices/vst instruments or hit the F11 key. Click on an empty instrument slot. Load Battery from the drop down menu and click “yes” when you’re asked if you want to create a midi track. Close the Battery window if it opens. Just to the left of the slot where you loaded Battery is the output activation button. Click on it and you’ll see another drop down menu where you can choose which outputs you want to activate. Now there will be additional output channels in the project and mixer windows and a separate midi track for playing Battery.

This is the way that vst instruments were loaded in the days of Cubase SX. Instrument tracks were introduced in a later version of Cubase.

You can use Instrument Tracks in the interim to create “dummy” outputs that all route to a single stereo output, while being routed (again) to a group or FX output, via the mixer. This will allow you to adjust the relative volumes of mic bleed and close miced drum sounds (MIDI velocity has a bearing here).

You can then save this configuration as a preset, and as mentioned create an instance on the VST Instrument Rack; with this preset.

The VST Instrument Rack offers a means to create what are known as VST Outputs, which in addition to a single (default) stereo output, allows multiple stereo outputs that can be further routed to group outputs for an additional layer of volume control, using either the MixConsole or the Inspector however best practice is to trace the sound back to the source and adjust relative volumes via plugin faders.

it worked! thanks so much guys.

i have one more quick question…how do i turn on snap mode in cubase 7?

i remember in earlier version there was an option at the top but i don’t see it here. just trying to click in a 16th note pattern

Right click (on PC) at the top of the project window, where the tool bars are. Make sure snap/quantize has a tick next to it. If you still can’t see it it may be off the screen in which case untick some of the other options that come before it.

1.Instrument tracks do NOT support multiple outputs.

  1. Use the VSTI rack for multi timbral instruments.