Setup a monitor system with 2 monitores and a Sub

Hi. I work with cubase for more than 12 years, and i thought i know well the software but today i tried to find a way to make a thing that i suposed to be simple and i didn´t find… lets explain.

I bought a sub to add to my monitor system, and what i want is to use control room to control my 2.1 system, with diferent control over the sub( volume, plugin insert to correct delay phase eq etc…)

The only similiar solution was create a LRC+fe config but this way i can not export my mixes in stereo…

Any ideas? am i missing something?

Typically with CR what you hear is the CR output. Where when you export it is not the CR output but rather from Stereo Out. In your signal chain “what is exported” occurs before the CR & "what is played on the speakers.’

In other words: If you want all your settings to be reflected in your mix (export) you of course have to apply them before the control room. Control room adaptions are what their name says: Control Room - adaptions that do not influence your main mix. That is they way it should be.

There are various ways to set up busses in cubase to include a bass “bus” and bring it into a stereo mix and/or to a mulit-channel mix.

In yet other words: keep your main mix bus stereo but just change the Control Room configuration to LRC.


Hi Valsolim, I have to add that i do not completely agree with what you suggest. Here’s why:
If the intention is to hear via control room what your mix will sound like, the control room main mix should not modify the mix any more. Adaptions to the sound in the control room should then only be about room accoustics and of course special wishes of the performers for the cue-mixes.

It always depends on what you want to achieve.

IMO the Control Room is there for making life easier and just a tool to make configuration profiles for monitoring , cue mixes, measuring loudness etc. You can of course insert plugins and manipulate the sound in any way you want? But always remember this is just for listening and will not reflect in the final audio export.

If you want to alter the overall sound of the mix you hear over your speakers by adding a sub-woofer it should be done because it brings you a clearer picture of what your export eventually will sound like on other systems. What you hear on your monitor system is just a means to translate it to the final product. If you want do to this with 2 or 20 speakers? That’s really up to you. Whatever works for you to be able to make that translation as accurate as possible?

Or maybe you’ll never want to export anything and just want it to sound cool? :slight_smile:

But there is no such thing as 2.1
Normally a subwoofer would take care of the routing/filtering. The end users system would be playing it in stereo, subwoofer or not.