Setup Cubebase with iPad and Yamaha TF3

Can you walk me through setup…I want to record onto iPad live gigs through a Yamaha TF3 mixing console. The Yamaha board offers a free Bubase AI download. I am not using a Windows PC or a MAC which are the only two options displayed when I login to Cubase. Can I record straight from the board into iPad using the Cubase software? Thank you, (If you haven’t noticed, I’m new at this)

Congratulations on your new Yamaha TF3!

The program it comes with (Cubase AI8) will require a proper computer to run (either a PC or a Mac). The TF can record 34 channels simultaneously to a computer running Cubase (32 channels + stereo).
You can remotely control the TF3 with an iPad (make sure you download the free Yamaha StageMix TF App from the App Store) - with a Router you can mix wirelessly from any where in the room.

but if you want to record your live gig, the TF3 makes this really, really easy. All you need is a USB drive. Connect the USB drive to the USB port labeled (iPad). This will allow you to create a stereo WAV file 48kHz/24-bit:

“You can connect a USB storage device to the console’s iPad connector and use the console to record audio to the device, play back audio files stored on the device, and manage audio files stored on the device.
When a USB storage device is connected to the iPad connector, your TF series console can record its internal signals to the device as an audio file and play back files that are stored on the device.

You can also connect an iOS device to the console and use your iPad or iPhone as an audio input source for the mixer. Recorded files are formatted as 48 kHz, 24-bit stereo WAV files.
Playback is supported for WAV and MP3 files.

These features allow you to record signals from the STEREO and AUX buses to the USB storage device, and use audio files that are saved on your iPad or USB storage device as the source for the console’s ST IN 1 channel.”

While your garden variety USB memory sticks are fine for playback, it is recommended that you get a high speed Hard Disk Drive device or an SDD to do “live” stereo recording. Most of your USB stick devices are designed to store documents and mileage varies greatly on their reliability in long (live) audio recording situations. With a good quality HDD you can quickly and easily record all your rehearsals and gigs _ and play them back after the gig while you’re packing up!

If you get a laptop or computer, then you can do “live” recording with each input going to its own track! You connect the TF3 to your computer via the USB port on the back panel. That’s when Cubase comes in… but to do a simple stereo recording, simply get yourself a small high-speed USB hard disk drive (FAT32) conect it to the iPad port on the front panel and you’re in!

On the top line of the TF3 screen you will see several small icons - the one that looks like a cassette tape (remember those) is the USB RECORD function! Touch that to setup for RECORD/PLAYBACK.

Hope that helps. Let us know.