setup for adjusting levels & sample articulations w/in a mix

Learning to create orchestral pieces for my short films using EWQL Symphonic Orchestra and Hollywood Strings in Pro 8. Finding my way but still new at it.

Looking for best-practice suggestions as I go back and forth from tweaking sample articulations to hearing (and finalizing) their summation in the entire mix. There seem an array of options from individual track volume controls (automation of which is sometimes helpful in punching a sample articulation) to volume adjustments in the VST itself to the application of compression (the control of gain in which I don’t completely understand) to routing to yet another track for global volume control; with the added requirement of needing to isolate each instrument and hear it at a high volume to tweak it accurately and then efficiently return the track to its volume to hear it in the mix. All the while not wanting to lose resolution.

I imagine this is (at least) a two part question:

  1. volume/gain control methods (A couple of suggestions about how to learn which to employ would be great)

  2. routing recommendations for quick and robust tweaking / level preservation. (Maybe one or two best-practice tips would be helpful here.)

I expect there are tutorials I should look at.

I realize this can open an enormous discussion about many issues but maybe there are simply a few overall considerations and cubase features I can keep in mind as I develop my skills.


You want to be using note expression and use #CC expression to automate the individual orchestral parts volumes.

Then use the audio volume to mix overall.

Route strings, woodwind, and brass to separate group tracks as stems.