Setup Iconica Sketch in Dorico 3.5


I have Iconica Sketch ( from my lincesed Cubase 13). Iconica Sketch works in Cubase 13 and I use it. However, I cannot figure out how to setit in Dorico 3.5.

Any instructions along with the location to download the playback template would be greatly appreciated.

I am on Windows 11.

Do you mean you have Iconica Sketch (rather than Dorico) via Cubase 13?

That’s what I understand. And that’s how I first got it, IIRC. But I think I had to reinstall it in order for it to work on Dorico, no idea why…

Yes. I’m sorry for the confusion. I just edited my OP.

I called the tech support.

Unfortunately Iconica Sketch is not covered by the Dorico 3.5 license and would not be usable in that version. We cannot use IS unless we purchase Dorico 5.

TBH, if you plan using Dorico for anything, I’d recommend upgrading, as there are so many new features that you’re missing out on.

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Thank you!
TBH, for my type of music I am good with D3.5. The only selling points for D5 for me would be IconSketch and scripting enhancements. I like it way more than Finale although I am still learning.