? Setup key commands for input transformer modules ?

Hi everyone,

Is it possible to setup key commands for enabling/disabling the input transformer modules?
And after I’d like to map it to my midi controller on on/off buttons…is the best way to do it with the General Remote targeting Macros? Or the input transformer modules themselves? (I didn’t find the way…)

Thank you!

Hi ragagooo,
that option would be great but so far I wasn’t able to find a way to key command, macro nor GR the Input Transformer presets or on/off the modules.


You could do that using the MIDI insert, Transformer, using the Generic Remote to turn it on and off, etc…

Thanks Steve,

I was only able to setup the ON/OFF of the entire MIDI Inserts or MIDI Modifiers section with GR.
Is there a way to ON/OFF a particular slot within such a section (ex. leaving the Chorder ON but switching the Transformer OFF in MIDI Inserts)???

Thanks in advance!!!

Using the automation drop down menu on your midi track you should see MIDI Channel>Insert 1> enable. Or, just turn on Write for the track and switch the insert on and off, then invoke “Show Used Automation”

Thanks Steve for the option, but unfortunately in my case, it wouldn’t work…What I want is to make an oct-1 and oct+1 buttons on a controller, cause my keyboard is an old 90’s midi keyboard (Roland D-50), and I have to hold a “transpose” key and hit increment or decrement 12 times to change octaves…takes long…
I think the -1oct and +1oct scripts has to be made in the input transformer cause I want them to affect the input signal, so the notes heard match the notes in the piano roll…
I though I could control the transpose function of my keyboard with the device manager, sending midi data into it from Cubase, but as the operation in the keybord implies holding a key and hitting others, I think it would be very complicated…either way, I didn’t managed to do it this way…

Does anybody has another solution?

Hm. Sorry about that. :blush: You’re right.

You would have to do that using something like Bomes MIDI Translator. Using it you could program a midi message, like a note or program change to switch octaves before the midi gets to Cubase.

Thanks for the hint Steve! I’ll definitely look at this…