Setup midi dcevice start and stop

I have a Hapax midi device. It is not a controller but it has two functions, start and stop. Really it is a glorified midi keyboard with start and stop.

In Ableton I go into settings and there is a list of midi ports and next to them there is a tick box option for syn and transport. Tick them and it all works.

I cannot find that in Cuabse. I find all the new midi remote stuff but the very basic stuff seems to be lost.

Is it really the case that I have to design a remote control for two buttons ? there is no auto syc with play and stop for midi devices. I must be missing something here.

Top menu bar ,Transport Menu , near the bottom , project sync i think it’s called , opens a panel with all your sync options and midi ports the setup

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I will take a look, thanks for that, much appreciated.

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