Setup Midi out to Lemur via Generic Device?

Hello people, can please someone shed a light here.
I’m trying desperately to set up Lemur to control just 3 CC values, and it works fine,
but of course I want it work bidirectional. So that, when I change the instrument, the Sliders on my iPad change
accordingly. To test if the connection works, I set up a midi track and drew some Value and it responded on my iPad as hoped. But its suppose to work via generic device, so that I don’t have to go the extra mile to copy every track just to be able to send it to a different midi output.
Thank you very much!!!


Unfortunately not all Instruments really sends the data to the MIDI Output. And Unfortunately not all data you can Control from Generic Remote, can also transmit the Value Out to the hardware.

Maybe Quick Controls (which have full bidirectional comunication) could help?

Hey thanks, could you explain this more?


In Cubae, you can assign Qucik Control to any plug-in (or Instrument; so VST or VSTi) parameter. Then, the parameter is controlled by the Quick Control, once this track is select.

The Quick Control is controlled by any MIDI Message (the common message is any MIDI Controller). At the same time, you can send the valu of the Quick Control to any MIDI Output, so the comunication is completely bidirectional, and you can see the current Value on your Lemur Controller.

Is it clear, now? If you have more questions, don’t hasitate to ask, please. :wink:

Allright I’ll check this out tomorrow! Thank you very much for your time!

Ah, this is a work around, but its working!
You just have to make sure that you set up the quick controls accordingly via the device settings