Setup Mode: Duplicates in the List of instruments

Hi, I’m using the German Version of Dorico 4. In Setup Mode, the List of Instruments shows me a bunch of duplicates, like 3 Kontrabässe, 2 Bassgamben, 2 Tenortrompeten and many more. Is there a way to get rid of these duplicates? Also the Classical Guitar, which I use a lot, is not translated, but I would like to have it as “Klassische Gitarre” oder" Konzertgitarre". Is it possible to edit the list?
Thanks for your help.

You can edit the default names for instruments by adding one of the instruments to your project, then expanding the card for the player holding the instrument, then click the little to open the menu, and choose Edit Names…. Make the changes you want to see by default, then click the Save as Default button.

But this will change the name of the instrument in the score but not in the list, doesn’t it?

And what about the duplicates?

The duplicates exist because in English some of these instruments are known by different names, but in German they’re known just by a single name, so those instruments appear in the list multiple times with the same name in German (and in some other languages).