Setup Mode : Sketch Instrument request -> add woodwinds

Please add Woodwinds, which are oddly missing since the rest of the orchestra choirs are there. Being a woodwind player I’m deeply offended to be overlooked :grinning:

In seriousness wonderful you added this - unexpected but I’m really happy as I frequently like to throw up sketch pads to bang out ideas, and this saves having to rework existing and get the wrong instrument mapping that has to be fixed.

But give the most colorful part of the orchestra some due consideration! :grin:

Also it would be nice if part ordering worked (Orchestral) - the sorting doesn’t do anything, maybe because it seems them all as type “Sketch”

I thought it odd too. But I found it in the Instrument database. A slight misconfiguration. The parentEntityID should be for bflat not aflat. Then it works. Or maybe use Bass Clarinet as a more middle ranged instrument?

Good catch! You’re talking about this bit?


To be clear, are you saying that change aflat->bflat and now the Woodwind group shows up as a Sketch group then? Interesting that propagates out such that it disappears, I’ll guess because it errors out (no Ab clarinet definition) so it just quietly doesn’t get added.

Yes! Changing aflat to bflat does indeed fix the issue, Woodwinds do now show up in Sketch instruments.

@dspreadbury we’ve got a bug and a fix for you here.

It’s because aflat clarinet is not a parentID. It uses the bflat as a parentID.

How does one get to the instrument identity stuff?


On Windows

C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Dorico4\instruments.xml

Need admin permissions to edit. Search for Woodwind, change this line


On Mac it’ll be in the app bundle somewhere.

Thank You!

Hi @dspreadbury, with the crush I just wanted to make sure this didn’t get lost.

There’s a bug with instruments.xml that prevents Woodwinds from showing up as a sketch instrument, please see the fix in the above posts.

Please don’t bump threads – especially when the forum is particularly busy. This will get taken care of.

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Apologies, I don’t normally but given it’s a bug + fix felt it was warranted so it doesn’t get missed and I forget.

You would have to see their Long List (which we never will, of course) to know just how incredibly organized and prioritized it is. Take it from Daniel, they will not forget, even if you do.

If you want to remind yourself of an issue, bookmarking the thread is a great way.

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I’m well aware of that, the simple point was that I didn’t have an indication that it had been noted, understandable with so much going on, however I simply didn’t want it to get buried. That is all, let’s drop the point.