Setup of Samson Graphite MF8 with Cubase Artist 7.5

Hi - I just got a Samson Graphite MF8 control surface for use with Cubase Artist 7.5. This is a new control surface and so there is no ready-made device setting available for it in Cubase. It’s also the first control surface that I have owned, and so I’m not already familiar with manual setup, and I’m having some trouble getting it to operate properly. I tried following the process for having controls in Cubase ‘learn’ the input from individual controls on the MF8, but with only limited success. I actually got much further by choosing one of the device presets in Cubase (the Mackie ‘generic’ preset) which allowed me to immediately use most of the controls on the MF8. But there are some issues still, and I’m not able to figure out how to edit the Mackie preset to get those working. I’m wondering if someone can give me some guidance, or perhaps direct me to an Internet resource that has detailed instructions for newbies on how to configure the settings. Basically at this point everything is working well except for 2 things:

– the MF8 has a single button for each channel that performs both solo and mute functions - so it has three possible states: solo, mute, and ‘normal’. With the default Mackie setup it can only toggle between solo and mute. Any suggestions on how to enable the third state?

– a more major issue: the faders work beautifully except that if I move a fader on the MF8, the corresponding fader in Cubase does not immediately move relative to the starting point of the MF8 fader - rather it ‘jumps’ to the position of the MF8 fader and then moves from there. So if the Cubase fader is at 0db and the MF8 fader is at -4db, if I go to increase the gain via the MF8, it first drops to -4db and then moves up. I really would like to be able to move a fader up and have the fader in Cubase also move up, regardless of where the MF8 fader started out.

If anyone can help me with the issues above - or direct me to a good site or resource for detailed instructions - that would be VERY much appreciated!!! :slight_smile: