Setup Organ with 4 manuals and free pedal

I try to make a setup for the VSL Synchron Organ (4 manuals and free pedal) with the setup of a 3 staves organ in Dorico setup.
My idea was to use 4 voices in a staff to switch between the 4 manuals (each manual has a different midi channel).
4 voices for 4 manuals in staff 1,
4 voices for 4 manuals in staff 2,
and a voice for the pedal.

Problem: I can’t use 1 voice in the first staff and 1 one voice in the second staff in the same VSTi with the same midi channel.
Solution (I thought):
use different ports for staff 1 and staff 2 (I use VEPro, ports are working) > problem solved?
Alas not, making several ports in an organ in Dorico doesn’t work properly. When I change the port in one voice, the port of another voice changes also (sometimes, not always).
Second solution: use several VST instances in one organ. Alas, also doesn’t work. When I change a VSTi of a voice, the VSTi’s of the other voices change also to that other VSTi.

Question: has someone an idea how I could work this out? I spend hours in making this working but alas without a good result.
(In the endpoint setup I made enough ports).

I do not understand ports well enough to use them, so I would just use four voices (channels 1-4) on the top staff, four more (channels 5-8) on the second staff, and additional discrete channels on the pedal.

Each channel would be sent to a different slot in the VST, and once I checked that it was working, I would make a template of the setup, if only for safe-keeping.

Hi Derek, thanks for your answer. Alas this solution doesn’t work. When I change in an instance of Vienna Organ Player a midi channel of a manual, in all instances that same change happens.
So when I change in an instance of VOP the Hauptwerk from channel 1 to channel 5, in all the instances this happens.

Perhaps @Romanos can chime in here as he has done some work with the Haupwerk as I recall.

I can’t comment on the VSL Synchron Organ, but have been tinkering on and off with the GPO Organ Console (based on @benwiggy 's basic XM). This works well for simple setups, but could not cope with a different manual on each stave (much like your problem). One solution might be to create horribly complex expression maps and a plethora of playing techniques to trigger each registration across the instrument (I don’t like that prospect).

One idea (I’ve not yet tried) is to create multiple instruments within the Organ player and use instrument changes to trigger the manual changes… each instrument would respond to its own expression map to suit its registration.

An extension of this idea would be to break down the Organ into 3 single stave players, each holding multiple instruments (the manuals) and use Dorico’s engraving capabilities to recreate the the correct 3-stave appearance.

Good luck.

Hi Janus, this solution worked for me. Thanks

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