Setup questions (talkback, mono/stereo recording)

Hello friends!
Because of ongoing health risks, we have stopped working together in the studio. I thought it would be a good opportunity to try out VST connect and explore this remote recording capability. We have two recording locations with licensed Cubase Pro 8.5 but decided to use my location as the main studio. I have made some tests with one of the musicians and we have managed to establish video contact and we have also been able to record.

Two issues. My musician is using two microphones. One for recording and one for talkback. The talkback at my end works fine (he can hear me) but I cannot hear him. Secondly, He is recording a guitar but the track at my end shows a stereo track recording only one channel. The two mics at his end certainly cause that but we do not know how.

So. How should we proceed to have a mono track at my (studio) end? And how can we activate his (remote musician) talkback mic?

Sorry, missed this post…anyway: VST Connect always sends and receives a stereo feed, no matter what. You can record individual channels (up to 16) with the PRO version, but stereo is sent and received in any case.
There is no reason within VST Connect that one of your mics should work but not the other. Make sure to have the correct hardware input selected in the Perform channels (top).
If you don’t have a PRO version, you can split channels after recording so to separate them, then you must pan hard left/right in the recording channels.
Another method when using the SE version is to create a mono input channel for the VST Connect plugin instead of the default stereo one. Note however that that will mix whatever is sent by the Performer to mono, so you should make sure to avoid leakage from Performer talkback mic.

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