Setup template with more than one voice

I’m working in Symphony Orchestra scores and use the voices of one staff for different libraries (e.g. voice 1up: violins 1 not muted, voice 2up: violins 1 muted etc.). I assigned to each voice of the staff his own midi channel and in the endpoint setup I place the right expression map. So far so good.
But: the moment I delete all the notes of the score to start a new piece all voices are gone in the play mode and I have to recreate the several voices in the staff by placing a note in every voice I need (in the example a voice 1up and a voice 2up) and then reassign that voice to the right port and right channel again in the play mode.
Of course there is a workaround by saving one measure with notes in the several voices and to keep that measure when starting a new piece.

My question is: is there another way to set up and keep different voices without keeping notes in the different voices?

It would seem that your workaround would be the simplest approach right now. Others more knowledgeable than me might offer better insight, but that’s how I would manage it.