Setup UR22 for audio input in Cubase Elements 10

My UR22 has been working fine in other applications (Audition).

When i tried to set the audio device up in Cubase Elements 10,

Studio Setup
VST audio System
choosing Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO
I was getting a registry value too long crash.

I saw somebodys post about a waves process running being the problem, so I killed my waves processes.
I also right-clicked cubase and did run as admin… now it does not crash, but it says “make sure my hardware is connected correctly to the computer”. I unplugged the usb and tried another port on my laptop, no help.

Does anybody know what is going on?

btw it is Driver

Thanks for any help, i just bought Elements 10, hopefully it is conpatable with UR22.

A reboot seems to have fixed the recognition of the audio interface. I was able to record something.

Now i need the UR22 Output L/R to say active instead of inactive… so i can hear the audio i recorded.

Audio Connections

needed to be set up. Now i have playback.

Sorry for the trouble!
Maybe some other cubase noob will find my posts.
On to metronome set up…