"Setup Window-Layout"-Dialogue as a active Window

Hi Guys,

For now we got the Ability to set up the Window-Layout, which section get appeared in the Main-GUI, only with the disadvantage to don´t be able to do something else then, because the background in relation to the “Setup Window-Layout”-Window gets totally blocked and inviolable.

But i think it would be very nice, if we got the Ability, by the icon in the Tool-bar as well, to got a “Setup Window-Layout”-Command or Tab under the Device-Menu, and by this the Possibilty that this is availible in the “Device List”, so that we can have the “Setup Window-Layout”-Window always as an active window, where we can adjust the GUI-Sections by the way directly in the context, switch up faster without the particular Short-Cuts/ Key-Commands for the single Window-Sections.

Thanks for Listen.