Setup Window Layout...

I noticed each time I load up an existing project in cubase 10 elements, the Setup Window Layout settings do not hold. I’ve searched for this with no results. I’m trying out cubase pro 10 right now, and I noticed that the settings DO hold. What’s up with that? It seems like this would be available in elements too. thanks.

Yes I have the same issue. I had the Cubase 9.5 elements trial and it perfectly saved all the window layout even the opened plugins I think, including the zones, etc. When I decided to buy the full license, the version 10 is already out so I bought it, unfortunately it has this issue. I was trying to create templates even as a template it does not save the window layout.

Hopefully this will get fixed real soon as it’s a real deal breaker!


This is an known issue of Cubase 10.0.5 and 10.0.10 discussed many times here on the forum already.

Thanks Martin!