Setup with two keyboards. I change a keyboard and it doesn't "play"

Hi everyone!
I have a problem that drives me crazy!

I have a setup with two physical keyboards, connected to Live via MIDI card.

Live’s project consists of several songs with layers assigned to virtual instruments and external sound modules.

I changed one of the two keyboards, the signal arrives correctly at LIVE, which in fact makes the external modules “play” but NOT the virtual instruments…
to play also the virtual intruments I have to go to the layer and select “1” as output channel, because if set to “any” it does not emit any sound.

I don’t understand, the keyboard I replaced was fine…

some idea?

Old keyboard = ikeabordx icon

New keyboard = Yamaha Moxf8

Both set as output channel 1

Then it receives on a different MIDI channel than the one your keyboard sends. If it was any different, we’d get a lot of complaints. So “Any” passes what your keyboard sends, “1” removes the channel from the input (your keyboard) and replaces it with channel 1 - or 0, to be precise, because visual (“user”) MIDI channel count in VST Live starts at 1. Other systems start counting from 0, which may well be a reason for your problem; check if your keyboard can send on channel 0, and use that instead, would that help?

Thank you for your answer. Yanhaha can transmit from channel 1 to 16, it cannot transmit on channel 0

But if it transmits on channel 1, the receiver (Instrument, Layer Output) will definitely receive on channel 1 if out channel is set to “Any”! As said, we would be facing loads of complaints if it didn’t.
You may use the built-in Midi Monitor (Devices menu), input set to your keyboard, to check what VST Live receives.

come back now to tell you that I tried again and…it works great I didn’t do anything in particular, I reconnected the keyboard without changing anything …