Several Crashes with Cubase 13 and Windows 11

Please help …
Cubase 13.0.10 64bit2023.11.28 (2.3 MB)
Cubase 13.0.10 64bit2023.11.28 (2.7 MB)

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Do you know when the crashes happened, please? What did you do?

Hello, thank you for trying to help me in the first place. I tried to update from 12 to 13, I have old sessions at work. I encountered a lot of crashes from Auto-tune artist, the program freezes and I have to remove the plugin so that I can do something in the project. Then after some time, simply at a larger request of the program, like recalling certain settings, the program freezes and I get a crash.


I also have crashes on Cubase 13 on Win11. In my case, Cubase is loading VSTs so it’s likely an old version of one of them (but which one?). I’d be grateful for any pointers to help me dive on the problem, even more grateful for robust, defensive code around VSTs during load time. I get that Steinberg can’t control what VST vendor software does, but there are means to recover that are more helpful than silently crashing.


Attach the *.dmp file(s), please.

In the best case, update all your plug-ins.

I will endeavor to find them.




The ones from 1 December are the ones you want. Can I upload 200MB files?

You should be able to access and download those 3 zip files


I’m sorry, but the DMP files don’t point to anything. Neither Cubase nor any plug-in. The DMP files look like this:


Different numbers everytime.

Fair enough, but I didn’t generate them :man_shrugging: What should I do with that information??

I have done some more research - when loading the project, my iLok dongle apparently hasn’t been pickedup by Cubase and my VST is flagged as not having privileges. THAT’s when the crash happens. And ever after, that project cannot be opened without crashing.

Prior versions tolerated this while I pulled out and pushed the USB dongle. BTW - when I run the VST’s app, things are fine. But for Cubase, it’s like Cubase load has been made multi-threaded and the error detection is faulty, if I had to guess. If I’m lucky I can back off to the most recent .bak file, so it’s not a complete loss. But big pain for sure.

Cubase 13 seems to have huge problems. Mine crashes multiple times every day. Not even a complete reinstall of the whole system did help. going back to cubase 12. 13 is unusable. If that does not help I switch…

Artist 13 , Windows 11 commonly crashes (blue screen of death) and reboots w/o prompting.


Nowadays this is quite uncommon. Mostly this happens if there is any hardware issue. Test your system, please.

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I took the computer to Geek Squad. They reported Windows 11 was too corrupted to fix and they ghosted the drive then reloaded it. I then reloaded all software/drivers. I did have problems with 3rd party Addictive Drums 2 not working until they recommended turning off an option in their software to collect and send data to them. I’m also using a Fractal Axe III system with its appropriate ASIO driver, and it seems to work well with Cubase.

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Hi @TomSilver-76

Sorry to hear about your crashes. Please share DMP / IPS with us so that we can start investigating.


Cubase 13 is often crashing when opening a project. Here are my latest crash-dump. Please help. Thank you.

I am just about to upgrade to Windows 11, is it safe for Cubase 13 now!



Does this crash happen with only one project, or does it happen with any project, please?

One of your crashes points to dcomp.dll
Likely a compressor plugin but I’m not sure what product that is. Its 3rd party anyway.