Several Errors with adding big amounts of files into a montage

Hi Forum,
I use the audio montage for batch-processing with analog gear, in a way that isn’t possible right now with the Batch processing tool and watch folders.

Unfortunately, the same problems occur over and over again. Wavelab becomes very slow when we drag more than 1000 files into the assembly. The files are only a few MB in size.
We keep also getting error messages like the one on the screenshots very often.

Error 1

Error 3

If someone knows these errors and has found a way to solve them, I would be grateful for tips or ideas.


A lot of people here don’t read German so maybe a translation is in order???

Please describe more precisely the procedure you use.

Hi Thomas,
i don’t understand exactly what you mean, it is written in English.

Hi Pg, I drag and drop a batch of files out of the apple finder into a WL montage. And in many cases I get this error msgs. And beside of the Error msg WL becomes really slow while and after I have added the files.

But the error messages are in German which is what you are asking about.

Out of curiosity, when WaveLab “gets slow”, if you fully quit and reopen WaveLab and continue working in this montage, does the speed return to normal for awhile?