Several instances of Cubase.Can Earlier ones be uninstalled?

Hi Folks,

I imagine that this has been covered at some point but after trawling around the forum for a while I haven’t found an answer. So…

I was doing some PC House cleaning & noticed that my C drive(solid state) is getting a bit full. On a closer look I found that my earlier versions of Cubase are still installed. (7, 7.5, 8, and the most recent 8.5.) Can I safely uninstall the earlier versions or are they needed to make 8.5 work correctly?

Thats all.

Sorry for the bother if this has been covered before. :unamused:

They can be uninstalled without any problems, there’s no dependency between versions.

Just be sure you don’t need any of the older Cubase versions for old projects.

Thanks for that Bluzcat