Several issues (MP3 import, C5 projects with lanes).

I gave C6 a test today and almost immediately ran into a couple of problems.
At first I started a new project. I wanted to do a remix for a competition for which the soundfiles were supplied as 320 kbps MP3 files.
After importing, all MP3 files sound warbled. I noticed that even the pre-listen prior to importing makes the MP3’s sound warbled. Works fine in C5.

Since I couldn’t start working with warbled MP3’s, I decided to continue working on an old C5 track that wasn’t finished yet. Project loaded ok and played fine up until the cursor came to the bass part (a part consisting of several lanes). Much to my surprise, the bass guitar part (audio) didn’t play. I bypassed all plugins, disabled automation and moved the volume fader of the track. All to no avail.
I closed the project, closed C6 and restarted my PC.
After restart, reloaded the project, and played it immediately from where the bass guitar kicks in.
This time the bass played, but cut out after about 4 bars. After that, no more bass, not even after rewinding and trying again from the same point which played earlier.

Can anyone confirm this weird behaviour?

C6 on 32-bit Windows XP.

I tried to reproduce the second problem, but didn’t succeed.
Strangely enough, after reloading the same project that caused the problem first, the bassline played without a problem. So I guess this problem is solved (for now).

Another thing I noticed has to do with the project window.
With Cubase stretched across two screens, the project window maximizes without a problem. However, as soon as I load another window (for instance the VST instrument rack, which is set to ‘always on top’), the project window leaves the miximized position and returns to its previous state.

I also checked my first problem (the MP3 import) and noticed that there’s no problem with .wav-files (44k1Hz/16bit).
I noticed that the MP3’s I tried to import are indicated as being 44k1Hz/32bit by Cubase (when auditioning).
Might this be causing the problem?

As Pixie states above, I have noticed the same problem with importing MP3…
As soon as I import mp3 files, (Or even in the “preview listening” in the import dialogbox) i hear very noticable artifacts. Also the original tempo was garbled. The tempo was known, but after importing in Cubase, the tempo differed from the “Original” tempo.

Same problem here. I even can’t import a 320 Kbps MP3 file at all. Cubase 6.5.1. gives the message: “Invalid or not supported file”

I hope they will solve this problem soon.


Pixie, you’d be better posting these issues separately, especially as others are reporting the mp3 problem too. I suggest you edit down your first post and start new threads.

Having said that:

  1. mp3 import fine in C6.0.5 for 128k and 320k into both a 24- and 32-bit project. I got artefacts on the 128k mp3 encoded with Lame 3.98.2 but they’re there on the desktop player too.

  2. Your playback issue could be available RAM under XP and you will find other threads with the window problem with possible solutions - I’ve seen them around.