Several plugins not showing up in cubase pro 11

long story short soothe2 adptrmetric and vocal align ultra are not showing up in the menu inside cubase 11 pro latest one its updated 100% sure
weird thing is everything is in its place because i use the same paths for all my daws
they show up fine inside my ableton suite all of them but not in cubase pro 11
another weird thing is they do show up inside cubase 10 pro !!! well except soothe2 soothe 2 is a little bitch i must admit it wont work inside any of my daws excebt ableton 10 suite
as you can imagine i am frustrated beond belief can somone help tbis poor guy out? ibve tryed emailing cubase and calling but they are a mess thanks corona virus lol jesus christ im not goona get any work done with theses fucking errors or bugs im almost one hundred percent sure its a bug inside cubase pro 11 cubase please get yo butt in gear iom loosing clients and loosing money during this pandemic, if anyone has encountered this id appreciate the help.

Have the missing items been blacklisted? Can you see them anywhere in your plugin manager?

You could also try a rescan:

When I just upgraded from Artist to Pro, I needed to add back a couple of folders to be scanned for VSTs in the plugin manager. (Instructions in above helpful post.) The upgrade process had lost a folder or two - my own fault for not adopting a rigorous vst pathway from the start, but still.

ihad to go a diffrent route, one of the guys over at cubase messaged me with some trouble shooting options and it turns out that initializing pfrefrences was the way too fix it but my soothe2 plugin still wont work, still pretty frustrated on that pesky pluigion.