Several qestions about automation (solved)

I have several questions about drawing automation.

I wonder how to copy and paste an automation point with same height.

I also wonder if there is a way to move automation point with snap.
When I move automation point, it automatically moves to next snap(magnetic) but it doesn’t keep same height.
When I move automation point pressing alt key, it keeps same height but it is not snapped.
I wonder how to move it with snap and same height.

I wonder if there is a way to record multiple instrument nobs at the same time with one mouse move.
If there are high pass filter nob and resonance nob, I need to move both of them.
Currently I record high pass filter nob first and then record resonance nob again.
I wonder if it’s possible to group tihs two nob to one mouse moving.
(I also wonder if there is vst plugins to do this)

Self Answer)
I found that using range tool solves all problem I had. (except recording multiple automation at once)