Several simple questions

Could you guys help me - I haven’t found answers in manual:

  1. Is there is a way to link automation on different tracks? For instance, to draw automation pan on several track. Seems like Link Groups function doesn’t work here.
  2. A shortest way to get a simple rectangular automation curve right under the object? In PT I just select an object and drag the selected automation line up or down. In Nuendo it’s: select object, set locators, go to left, point to automation line, go to right, and so on. I’m sure it must be simple way but can’t find it.
  3. Is it possible to see all the track versions of a track? Can’t figure it out trying to guess how many track versions I’ve got and is there any clips.
  4. Is it normal that objects on comped lane are overlapped?

Thank you!


Unfortunately much of what you wish for are things which have been requested for years (!) but here are some workarounds.

  1. No. You can use the automation panel to show particular types of automation quickly and then use the range tool to copy from one, paste to another. Right-clicking on most parameters (i.e. sends, VST3 plug-in parameters) will also allow you to show that particular automation lane. I also recommend having the automation preference “reveal parameter on write” enabled.

  2. The workaround here is to use the automation square wave tool, make sure snap is disabled, use the “shift” modifier (this may be different on your system) and then you can use it to draw horizontally constrained lines anywhere you want. Once you have the automation then you can rubber-band nodes and use the scale parameters (see

  3. This is a fundamental problem with lanes and track versions IMO. Ideally they should be combined so you could expand track versions to lanes but this does not exist. The workaround is to convert track versions to lanes (or vice versa) - “project -> track versions -> create lanes from versions”.

  4. Again, another fundamental issue if you’re used to PT. Make sure the preference “preferences -> editing -> delete overlaps” is enabled as this will make things more familiar. While we’re on the topic I’d also suggest looking at the preference “preferences -> editing -> cycle follows range selection” and setting “transport -> edit mode”. You can map these to key commands for quick toggle and when enabled and using the range tool, the editing environment is much closer to PT.

Thank you so much!
The trick with shift + square wave tool is exactly what I need!
Perhaps it’s time to make future request with 1,3,4
Thanks again!

I would highly suggest the you DO NOT use Delete Overlaps in Prefs.

The function is broken, confirmed by Steinberg support in an email to me. If you copy or move any audio that has been punched in and out, it will move or eliminate the punch in and out points.

Easiest way to see that I mean is simply record 10 seconds of audio with Delete Overlaps enabled in Prefs. Then go back and punch in and out over the existing audio. Now move or copy the audio. The issue will immediately become evident. Your punch in and punch out points are either moved or gone.

This has been broken since at least the release of N7. I reported it in July 2015 and SB Support confirmed it along with the news that there is no ETA on a fix. I can now confidently report that the fix will take at least one year from the date the issue was reported. Or maybe never…who can say?

It would be funny if it wasn’t sad.

Or just use the “delete overlaps” key command on your audio selection after doing your punch in/out…