Several songs on one page

Hello! How do I create a several versions of the same song on one page? I am working on 100+ anthology of songs.I add a music frame to a Full score page.Then I need to create a new flow. Each flow creates a new page. How do I hide them? Your help is greatly appreciated!

Layout Options (in Setup): Page Setup: Flows: Allow flow on existing page.
You’ll need to use text frames for each individual flow’s titles.

I have done that. It affects the rest of the pages. See the screen shot. Very weird. Thanks!

I am doing an anthology of songs. What is the Full Score for in this case? And the Parts? Which one is going to be printed? They look pretty much the same. I understand this is great for an orchestral score and parts. But what to do in my case? Thank you!

Whichever one you choose. Usual to just use the score in this case.

It does not give me an option to choose a page in Setup-layout. It does that in Setup-Notation options

It sounds as if you would be best served using individual page overrides to format your book if you are going to print the “full score” as your final product.

Looks like somewhere there’s a frame break that’s set to wait for next frame break (e.g. squishing everything following onto the one page). You need to find that frame break and unset that property.