Several tracks in a project stopped playing

I have a project that has already been mixed, and I need to reopen it to export a different version. I opened the current mix, and save it in a new name, but then, suddenly, both in the new project and in all of its previous versions, several of the tracks are not outputting any audio.This includes both MIDI tracks using HALion 6, and some of the audio tracks.

Troubleshooting steps I’ve already taken:

  • I’ve updated Cubase to the latest version (no change)

  • I’ve created a new MIDI track, copied the MIDI content from the original virtual instrument track to the new MIDI track, and then sent the MIDI from the new track to the virtual instrument (HALion 6) that was already there. The MIDI reached HALion, but no sound came out.

  • I’ve created a new audio track within the same project and copies the audio clips from the original track to the new one, and the audio played, but then, when I copied the track settings in the Cubase mixer, from the original track to the new one, the new track no longer played.

Any suggestions that don’t include manually copying each plug-in preset for each track manually?

This is a horrible bug!!!
Missing deadlines here…

Did you select all the tracks you want to export?

I’m not trying to export. I’m trying to make a few adjustments to the mix. The tracks are no longer sending audio to the Cubase mixer. They became silent. They are being played, but the audio stops somewhere before reaching the track’s fader.

Does anyone have an advice?
Can someone from Steinberg comement on this issue?

Bump. @Yuval_Shrem this also happens to me. Did you find a solution? The way I dealt with it was freezing tracks, or right clicking on the track and hitting “disable” then re enabling it.

Yes. I ended up being able to resolve the issue. The source of the issue was actually quite a silly one.

In the project there was a plug-in that was using the subscription license from Plugin Alliance, and needed to be reauthorized.

Each of the tracks that was using that plug-in got muted by the reauthorization mechanism of the plugin. As soon as I reauthorized the plugin, everything worked again.


Hi! Oh wow, sounds different then my current issue, but I’ll keep an eye out for that in my own projects. Thanks for your prompt reply!