Several VST sounds have disappeared

While all of the orchestral sounds work beautifully, my sound library seems not to have any piano or vocal sound anymore. When I start a new project, for example voice and piano, the playback does not assign any sounds to these instruments. Opening up the HALion Sonic SE controls does not help, because the sounds are not there. Is there a way that certain instrumental sounds can uninstall?

To be honest, I think it’s the first time I read that instruments have disappeared ! Sometimes, some users had problems with the first install, and reinstalling HALion did the trick. Have you tried that ?

I just installed the new version of HALion (Sonic S3), and it did not fix the problem. Is there a way to uninstall the existing HALion library and reinstall?

You might try switching the Playback template to something else, then back to HALion. For me, using Noteperformer, this solved a problem where the violin turned into a trumpet. Restarting didn’t do it, but changing the template, then changing it back, did. Worth a try.