Severe Pops, Clicks and Spikes

I am getting severe spikes on my performance meter and serious pops and clicks when using the encoders on my Komplete Kontrol s25. I am using the Play engine by East West. Yesterday I was messing around with Track quick controls, just assigning knobs and stuff but I tried resetting them and that didn’t fix it.


Try to increase Buffer Size of your Audio Device, please.

The right ribbon on the S25 is stuck on ‘B Filter Resonance’ I cannot assign it to anything else. I have it set up for CC1, so this is creating a conflict that is totally freaking Cubase out. It isn’t a buffer size issue. I have uninstalled and reinstalled all the Komplete software and when I go back into cubase the ribbon is still stuck on ‘B Filter Resonance’

Fixed!. I had assigned a VST quick control to 1. This was causing Cubase a lot of issues. The ‘Reset’ button doesn’t seem to do anything. I press it and all the addresses stay the same. This was not helpful when trying to resolve this issue.